Sailor Venus Sailor Scout Clip-ins | Clip-in Braids


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Fight Evil by Moonlight with Sailor Venus' Sailor Scout Clip-ins

Sailor Venus is such a diva we had to go big or go home when it came to creating her iconic locks! Sailor Venus has beautiful, long, blonde hair, just like our beloved Usagi. However, Sailor Venus is in her own lane that she owns completely.


Braid Dimensions | Length 24 inches | Width 2 1/2 inch | Circumference 4 inch

Small Cuffs |  1/2 in height x 1 in stretched length



Sailor Venus' Sailor Scout Clip-ins are adorned with pink cuffs and yellow hair cord to break up the pastel color palate. Pink hair ombres into  twisted DNA braids with blonde tips and are the center stage of these clip-ins. Attached to the DNA braids are yellow box braids that end in three soft braided bubbles.  *Two braided pieces are attached to one clip-in* Clip-ins for this set are black.


There is no other iconic hair sailor scout than Sailor Moon. Add these Sailor Venus Sailor Scout Clip-In Braids to your cart for next day shipping! Arrives in 2-5 days at your door!