Sailor Moon Sailor Scout Clip-ins | Clip-in Braids


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Fight Evil by Moonlight with Sailor Moon's Sailor Scout Clip-ins

Sailor Moon has the most iconic hair we've ever seen! So creating these clip-ins was a real toughie! Usagi is a soft girl, so I added elements in these clip-ins to make that inner softness shine through!


Braid Dimensions | Length 24 inches | Width 2 1/2 inch | Circumference 4 inch

Small Cuffs |  1/2 in height x 1 in stretched length



Sailor Moon's Sailor Scout Clip-ins are adorned with purple and gold cuffs to break up the color palate. Ombre creme to pastel pink double bubble pops are the center stage of these clip-ins. Featuring multiple styles in one braid, gives us the Usagi double buns vibes. Five strand braid coral pink to lollipop blue add extra length and style to this set.  *Two braided pieces are attached to one clip-in* Clip-ins for this set are black.


There is no other iconic hair sailor scout than Sailor Moon. Add these Sailor Moon Sailor Scout Clip-In Braids to your cart for next day shipping! Arrives in 2-5 days at your door!