Sailor Jupiter Sailor Scout Clip-ins | Clip-in Braids


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Fight Evil by Moonlight with Sailor Jupiter Sailor Scout Clip-ins

Sailor Jupiter doesn't need ANY man to help her save the day. She's the number one occupant of the lonely hearts club. Fierce, uncompromising, and opinionated, sailor Jupiter is one of the most outspoken scouts in the group!


Braid Dimensions | Length 24 inches | Width 2 1/2 inch | Circumference 4 inch

Small Cuffs |  1/2 in height x 1 in stretched length



Sailor Jupiter's Sailor Scout Clip-ins are adorned with curly mermaid waves in aqua green and blue cascading out of tinsel infused fishtail braids. Green hair cuffs are fastened to the ends of each fishtail for a more dynamic color. These clip-ins are a dream for any person looking for more flow to their hair styles.  *Two braided pieces are attached to one clip-in* Clip-ins for this set are black.


There is no other hot headed sailor scout like Sailor Jupiter. Add these Sailor Jupiter Sailor Scout Clip-In Braids to your cart for next day shipping! Arrives in 2-3 days at your door!