Pretty Peony Crochet Braids Wig


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Introducing Pretty Peony our Ready to Buy Wig! 

Pixistics introduces her ready to buy Pretty Peony Crochet Braids Wig, which features 3 rows of jumbo box braids and hand sewn lace closure. Pretty Peony comes in the beautifully colors of spring, Lilac, hot pink, periwinkle, and dusky rose!  


  • Pretty Peony contains 3 rows of jumbo box braids underneath a row of dart jumbo braids hand sewn to a lace closure
  • Human hair hot pink baby hairs
  • Beautiful braids in colors Lilac, Hot Pink, Periwinkle, and Dusky Rose
  • 4 x 6  Lace closure 
  • 24 inch pre-dipped and sealed jumbo braids
  • Elastic band sewn into wig for extra security hold


The lace closure features a layer of 100% human hair baby hairs which you can swoop and style just like it was coming out of your own scalp! No more blending in your own hair to make it your own! 


Pretty Peony Crochet Braids Wig feature a stretchy spandex dome cap which allows for a comfortable fit for dreads, long hair, sister locks, big heads and other bulkier head shapes or natural styles.


To ensure a more secure fit and hold, an elastic band is fitted into the cap from ear to ear to secure the wig into place without the use or need for glue or clips. Light weight and breathable the box braids are spaced to ensure full coverage without being heavy or hot, with no more neck pain or headaches! 

Box Braids are water sealed to ensure a long lasting and secure hold, without fear of unraveling. Made of 100% flame retardant Kanekalon braiding fiber, for a natural texture and lightweight feel! Box Braids come in small and are a standard 24in length.


After purchase shipping will take same day or 1 day processing and 2-3 days to ship. Only one ready to ship Pretty Peony wig is available for sale.