Pound of Flesh Clip-in Braids | Clip-in Braids


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These Pound of Flesh Clip-in Braids are proven to add some spook to your wardrobe this season.

Braid Dimensions | Length 22 inches | Width 1/2 inch | Circumference 1 inch

Skull Jewel Dimensions | 10x9 mm | 4 mm hole

Charms | 0.32" - 1.06" inches

Medium Size Hair Cuffs | 0.4 x 0.67 inches

Pound of Flesh Clip-in Braids are adorned in silver cord and charmed cuffs. Charms include anatomical hearts, glow in the dark skull beads, void triangles, teeth, and diamond orbs. Braids have been sealed in hot water to prevent unraveling. Left and Right side clip-ins for a balanced look. Clip-ins for this set are black.


There is no better Halloween flair like a hair scare. Add these Pound of flesh Clip-In Braids to your cart for next day shipping! Arrives in 2-5 days at your door!