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Peeled Orange Hair Cuffs
Peeled orange food hair charms
Peeled orange food hair charms

Peeled Orange Hair Cuffs | Braid Jewelry

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Get ready to add a zesty twist to your hair game with Pixistics' Peeled Orange Charms Hair Cuffs! These micro hair cuffs, measuring 8mm x 10mm wide, are designed to perfection with two vibrant resin charms of peeled oranges, joined to silver metal rings measuring 30 x 12mm. To add a touch of elegance, four micro hair cuffs in silver and gold accompany the charms, creating a stunning and unique look.

Pixistics serves up the dishes cold with our Peeled Orange Hair Cuffs braid jewelry, perfect for those who crave something fresh and different. These hair cuffs are easily manipulated and can be used time and time again on loose hair of any type or beautifully braided styles, allowing you to create a personalized and eye-catching hairstyle. Adjusting the cuff is as simple as spreading the cuff open and pushing the cuff closed, making it effortless to achieve the perfect fit and style.

Add these Peeled Orange Hair Cuffs to your next hair installation by placing them in your cart before checkout! Don't miss out on these limited supplies - order now and get ready to make a bold fashion statement with Pixistics' Peeled Orange Charms Hair Cuffs. Shipping takes 2-5 days upon order, so grab yours today and let your hair shine with citrusy charm!

Peeled orange food hair charms