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Ms. De Vil Specs:

  • Length : 24 ~ 25 inches
  • Hair Fiber: Flame retardant Kanekalon fiber
  • Curl type : Tight waves, Braid produced waves
  • 3 wig combs installed for no-slip grip
  • Drawstring Base: Large size circle 
  • Water and Chlorine safe
  • Weight: 4 1/2 oz


Do's and Don'ts

  • DON'T brush out curls with a bristle brush or comb
  • DO twirl unruly curls in the same direction as the curl to reform
  • DON'T put hair/ponytail in hot tubs or hot water (the curls will reform straight)
  • DO rinse in cool or cold water
  • DON'T wash ponytail traditionally
  • DO fill sink or basin with cool water and shampoo and dip ponytail in and out
  • DON'T but blow-dryers or hot tools on ponytail
  • DO let ponytail air dry and crimp/blot ponytail excess water
  • DON'T sleep in ponytail to maintain curls

Reforming curls

 You can reform Ms. De Vil Drawstring Ponytail curls by braiding the hair/ plaiting the hair in medium sections and dipping the braided ponytail into hot water. 

If you'd like to reform the curls into another pattern follow the steps above using your preferred curling method.

To straighten the curls on Ms. De Vil Drawstring Ponytail dip the entire ponytail into hot water mixed with conditioner and without any curl or waving rod. 

Allow wet ponytail to air dry on a towel. You may blot or scrunch/crimp ponytail to get out excess water.


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