Imani's Special Order


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Special order Imani : Shop Gal Photo Shoot

Specifications (name of packs are temporary) 

  • Crystal Moon two packs
    • Two crystal moons in pink and pale pink
    • Two enamel charms in pink unicorn and pink cloud
    • Two pink medium cuffs and Two pink smaller cuffs
  • Candy Gal two packs
    • Two resin candy charms 
    • One polymer clay lollipop on a Jumbo gold hair cuff
    • One resin jumbo pink moon charm on Jumbo gold hair cuff
  • Sparkle Bae two packs
    • Two crystal glass ball pendants in pink and rose gold
    • Five pink enamel charms in one bow, two hearts, and two flowers
    • Two medium sized cuffs in pink and silver and five small cuffs in pink and silver
  • The outside Cat pack
    • Four enamel pink cat and jewel charms
  • Lunar Face pack
    • Five Sailor Moon Luna Cat resin charms 
    • Medium sized cuffs in black, silver, blue, pink, and purple




Received a commission to do some magical girl cuffs. which set is your favorite? ##lonely ##HeinzHalloween ##interiordesign

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