Curled Crochet Box Braid Install Kit (1 - 3 Colors)

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Pixistics' Curled Crochet Box Braid Install Kit.

What's included:

  • 120 pre-looped, reusable, crochet box braids
  • Curled ends (braids will stop half way down the strand for the loose curl to start)
  • Crochet latch hook
  • 1 Package of your choice of hair jewelry


Crochet Box Braids are crafted from 100% flame retardant Kanekalon braiding fiber. All crochet box braids come in a standard 24 in length and are hot water sealed to lock in the braid and prevent unraveling. Kanekalon is incredibly safe for wear as it's non-flammable and withstands the roughest of washes, toughest sleepers, and multiple wears!

These crochet box braids are 1 inch in diameter, which is just about the size of a #2 pencil.  Pixistics Crochet Box Braids are reusable, featuring a hand spun adjustable loop which can be opened wider without fear of compromising the braid. These crochet box braids can be used time and time again, giving you the bang for your buck we all desire.


When Choosing Color of Box Braid and Hair Jewelry make sure to specify the colors chosen in  the "Special instructions for seller" box in your checkout cart!

If You'd like your braid colors mixed please specify in "Special Instructions for Seller" Colors will be mixed in sets of 10 braids. (ex. I want to mix 1b with A23, which will yield, I0 braids of mixed 1b and A23)

Write Colors exactly as seen in photo (ex: 1# [for black] ,1 [for ombre red])

Write your Perm Rod Choice in the "Special INstructions for Seller" Box in your checkout cart: Orange is a Jumbo curl, Purple is a medium curl, and Yellow is a small curl. For a loose wave look please write "loose wave".


Each Curled Crochet Box Braid Install Kit is made to order as soon as you click to buy. To ensure your unit is made and shipped first don't delay and buy now! Orders take 2-3 weeks to create, package, and ship to your door.