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Candy Skull Box braid Specs:

  • Length : 20 ~ 22 inches
  • Hair Fiber: Flame retardant Kanekalon fiber
  • Hair type : Blunt Cut Beaded Box Braids and Feathered end box braids
  • Rubber band secured ends on blunt cut braids
  • Colors used: 51 and A35
  • Pink Hand Painted Skull Beads on end of each blunt cut braid
  • Pink tinsel in every braid
  • 4 wig combs installed for no-slip grip
  • Drawstring Base: Small size circle 
  • Water and Chlorine safe
  • Weight: 12.6 oz



  • To install the ponytail put your natural hair into a compact bun
  • Use the four wig combs to place into the base of the bun to secure
  • Use the drawstring located at the back/bottom of the ponytail to cinch in the ponytail around your bun
  • Use the Braided wig comb to wrap around the ponytail for a sleek and complete look

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO rinse in cool or cold water
  • DON'T wash ponytail traditionally
  • DO fill sink or basin with cool water and shampoo and dip ponytail in and out
  • DON'T but blow-dryers or hot tools on ponytail
  • DO let ponytail air dry and crimp/blot ponytail excess water


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