Sweet Strawberry Fairy Fall | Clip-In Extensions

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What's Included:

  • 13 Braided Pieces (Puffed Butterfly Braids, Butterfly Box Braids, Puffed Box Braid)
  • Custom Color : Sweet Strawberry
  • Tinsel in colors : Pink & Green
  • 9" black stretchable extension base secured by 3 black anchor clip-ins
  • Length of fairy falls 24 ~ 26


Sweet Strawberry Fairy Falls are crafted from 100% flame retardant Kanekalon braiding fiber. All crochet box braids come in approximately 24 ~ 26 in length and are hot water sealed to lock in the braid and prevent unraveling. Kanekalon is incredibly safe for wear as it's non-flammable and withstands the roughest of washes, toughest sleepers, and multiple wears!

Sweet Strawberry Fairy falls stretch from temple to temple/ear to ear with a 9 inch spandex strip which is secured by 3 anchor clips. Mutable in design, Fairy falls can be used as extensions, wrapped ponytails, and buns!