Blonde, Pink, and Blue Butt Length Crochet Braids (50 braids)

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Small Batch Crochet Braids

What's included:

  • Crochet Color: 32, 51, 36
  • Tinsel Color: Pink and Blue
  • 50 pre-looped, reusable, crochet box braids 
    • Standard length 48 - 52 inches
    • Flame retardant
    • 100% Kanekalon Fiber


Pixistics Small Batch Crochet Box Braids are crafted from 100% flame retardant Kanekalon braiding fiber. All crochet box braids come in a standard 48 - 52 in length and are hot water sealed to lock in the braid and prevent unraveling. Kanekalon is incredibly safe for wear as it's non-flammable and withstands the roughest of washes, toughest sleepers, and multiple wears!

Pixistics Crochet Box Braids are reusable, featuring a hand spun adjustable loop which can be opened wider without fear of compromising the braid. These crochet box braids can be used time and time again, giving you the bang for your buck we all desire.

(Please be aware that 50 crochet braids are NOT enough for a full install)