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About Pixistics

About The Owner

Pixistics is an online Alternative Hair Store that launched at the start of 2018. Pixistics focuses on a mix of influences in music and fashion like metalcore, rave/festival culture, atlernative fashion, cottagecore, kawaii, e-girl, and grunge imagery and aesthetics whilst creating designs that work to enhance and amplify the features and crown of black women who adore those aesthetics. Pixistics is inpsired by my life long love for alternative fashion, music, and scene and allows me to create the types of products and designs I wish I would have been able to wear in my childhood. Inclusivity is Pixistics mission, and I try to ensure my designs and products are suitable for women and people of any gender identity with natural hair types.

About The Store

At Pixistics we focus on producing high quality braid jewelry, clip-in extensions, and braided units.

Our Jewelry line focuses on acrlyic, resin, enamel, and Tibetan Silver/Gold charms we we aim to make our products last the test of your installs. Charm materials were choosen due to their material life span and the durability for everyday life events (sleeping, showering, exercise, weather, etc). Whilst acrylic and enamel charms will fade over time and wear, they will have lasted multiple installs and charms can be rejoined to new cuffs or loc tubes to last for decades.

Information for products can be found within each prodcut description and include:

  • material, dimensions, weight, color, usage, installation


If you have any questions or wish to get in touch please message us in the chat!