Rainbow Bright | Clip-In Braid Hair Extensions

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Braid Extensions to Set Off Your Alternative Style

I started creating Pixistics Crochet Box Braid Hair Extensions when I was tired of the same boring hairstyles. I was sick of seeing the same flat color braids worn by people who didn't look like me at all. I wanted something offbeat and vibrant, something that represented my true self.

Thus I created Pixistics peculiar and intense Crochet Box Braid Hair Extensions so that I could truly enjoy all faucets of my Alternative style without compromising my comfortability or my look. 

Pixistics Clip-In Box Braid Hair Extensions include:

Two durable and friction resistant ladder braids mounted on a set of anchor clips (one clip-in per each braid). Crafted for ease of use with securely snapping 3 pronged anchor clips for a long lasting, no slip, strong hold. Concealed clips to make the braids appear as realistic and close to the root as possible!

These Rainbow Bright Clip-in Braid Hair Extensions feature a stunning three strand braid design in a mixture of ombre rainbow braiding hair. These braids are adorned with Neon Rainbow Cord at the root of the braid.

Braid extensions come in a standard 24 inches in length and are made from Kanekalon fiber which resembles a natural and lightweight texture. Kanekalon is also incredibly safe for wear as it's non-flammable and withstands the roughest of washes, toughest sleepers, and multiple wears!

These Rainbow Bright clip-in box braid hair extensions are 1 inch in diameter per braid, which is just about the size of a #2 pencil.

See how I styled these Rainbow Bright Clip-in Box Braids Here!

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