Aqua Blossom Braided Wig - (Made to Order)

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Experience the style without compromising your own!

Pixistics introduces our Aqua Blossom braided wig featuring split color triangle bang, multi-colored Dreads, Senegalese twists, and Box Braids in pastel pink, blues, and purples. Adorned with golden hair cuffs, shells, diamond rings, and golden cord.

Aqua Blossom features a stretchy spandex dome cap which allows for a comfortable fit for dreads, long hair, sister locks, and other bulkier medium length braided and twisted styles.

To ensure a more secure fit an elastic band is fitted into the cap to secure the wig into place without the use or need for glue or clips. Light weight and breathable Aqua Blossom's braids are spaced to ensure full coverage without being heavy or hot, no more neck pain or headaches!

Aqua Blossom's bang is a 4 x 4 human hair hand tied lace closure which has been hand dyed to match the multi color braided wig. Perfect to wear to a festival, con, or club without fear of sweat ruining the hair. The human hair bang is easily washable, heat styled, can be re-colored without bleaching, and is 100% tangle free!

Braids, twists, and dreads are made of 100% flame retardant kanekalon braiding fiber. All braids and twists come in a standard 24in length  and range from jumbo fishtails, to medium dreads, to small box braids. Each braid and twist is placed on the unit in a symmetrical manner for balance and consistency!

Aqua Blossom Braided Wig is made to order for you