The Deep Clip-in Braids | Clip-in Braids


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The Deep Clip-in Braids look amazing with the darker color tones of fall. Clip-ins are made with balance in mind, one clip-in for the left and one clip-in for the right. Or choose to wear them however you like!


Braid Dimensions | Length 22 inches | Width 1/2 inch | Circumference 1 inch

Octopus Charms | 34mm

Medium Size Hair Cuffs | 0.4 x 0.67 inches


The Deep Clip-in Braids are adorned in bronze octopus charms and golden cord. Nautical cuffs such as shells, a golden turtle cuff, and a ships wheel are scattered throughout the braids. Braids have been sealed in hot water to prevent unraveling. Left and Right side clip-ins for a balanced look. Clip-ins for this set are black.

There is no better Halloween flair like a hair scare. Add these The Deep  Clip-In Braids to your cart for next day shipping! Arrives in 2-5 days at your door!