Pixistics 3 Ideas to Boost a Boring Pony

Posted by Ray S on

Truth time, even Hairstylists have boring ponytail days every now and then! It can be hard to get up in the morning and create a beautiful work of hair art day after day. And to be honest, I definitely don't have time for that!

So at this point if you're asking "well do you have any better ideas?" Well duh i do! 

Don't get tired of those ponytail just yet, Pixistics has created this lookbook to help inspire some new pony ideas! Check em out for yourself and choose your favorite!



 Check these three ponytail styles, each have different elements to make them "different"; wispy long bangs on the first, slick and sleek back on the second, and a nice messy bun for the third. But *yawn*, been there done that! Lets see how we can style each one to make it pop just a lil!


Even assassins aren't on style point all the time, not to worry our Tribe Leader Clip-In Braids have a way of popping out even the simplest of pony's.



 Even when you're just chillin with your sweat pants, make up done, and nowhere to go, our Rainbow bright Clip-in Braids can style up any lazy day!



You know what goes great with buns? BRAIDS! Come on we knew this one! Style up a boring plain bun with some braided goodness. Pixistics Ombre Fishtail Clip-ins will give you a fast style up in a pinch!

Wow who could have known you could get a better style with minimal effort! WE DID! Tell us what you think, which style up is your favorite and which one could you see yourself rocking? Let us know in the comments below!!