Youtube Crochet Favorites (Cause everyone learns on Youtube!)

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Everyone has their story about how they learned to crochet/knit, for me: I first learned to crochet granny squares from my Granny at the age of 9. Which soon turned into learning to cluster stitch, then make shell stitches, then making  blankets from the building blocks that I was taught.

For me learning the building blocks of crochet was the most important part of my time spent with Granny (other than the important fact that she was granny… i.e. amazing!!). She knew the correct terms to use, taught me how to read patterns, critiqued my work when I needed it, and let me work on her projects (a very daunting but privileged task) when she thought I was ready.

From then on my love grew from just making blankets and afghans to making fashion pieces! Unfortunately I’m not a great teacher like my granny, but I’m here to share some of my favorite Youtubers that are!


AquaHannah (Links to youtube channel)

AquaHannah is one of my favorite crochet divas, she gives the best instructional tutorials to all the crochet tops we covet this summer, as well as bikinis, and other beachy items. Not only is she easy to understand she uses proper terminology!! (which is hard to find in the younger crochet community :/ ) She is honest about the sizing only fitting herself, but she also says “make the pieces in your measurements“, because we have all had the nightmares of making a piece only to realize it is WAY to big or WAY to small. She gives accurate details about which size hook and yarn she uses, so if you wanted to make the EXACT creations she does you can easily find the materials.

Check her out on youtube for your own custom pieces you really won’t find in stores.

Flying Mio

Flying Mio (Link to youtube Channel)

Flying Mio makes some of the cutest amigurumi items as well as other diy crafts that are not crochet related. She has a great cute and fun personality and her videos are really well lit. However, her crochet terminology is more than inaccurate, which she admits in video that her mom taught her to crochet and the terminology her mom used is how she learned to/continues to use today. Which is sad, because for advanced crochet divas it’ll make you cringe and plug your ears when trying to follow along. And let me tell you, you will HAVE TO FOLLOW ALONG to the video. She informs you of which hook to use, but is vague about telling you what materials you will need until it comes up to that point in the video

If you can get over the inaccurate terminology she uses for her stitches and a surprise need of a glue gun here or there, then I suggest checking her youtube out as well. You will definitely smile when viewing all her creations.

Marinella Marifu6a

Marinella Marifu6a (link to youtube channel)

Marinella Marifu6a is another crochet fashion diva that I like to watch. Her videos are definitely a little different from the first two listed. She spends a lot of time on the theatrics of her videos, like music, and long frames of the pieces about to be made, as well as the complete set ups of her preparing to work all while using plugins for purchasing her yarns, hooks, hook cases etc on her website! Her videos are not voiced over at all, she writes the directions in her video frames, as well as specific hook and yarn information. Her terminology is spot on as she is a very advanced and seasoned crocheter, and you can definitely tell that from her work.

As for how she sets up her videos, I am not a big fan of frame by frame directions, or blaring background music. However, it is easy to pause and read as you go, just like it is easy to press the mute button when watching the video.

If you don’t really mind loud music to cover up the fact that there is no vocal instructions. If you don’t mind reading and rewinding time to time to see what you may have missed. Then definitely check out her channel, she is very talented and has a TON of tutorials.

As of now those are my 3 favorite channels! I chose these women because they had the best tutorials for those that want to learn to crochet fashion items (Or cute amigururmi stuff). Sometimes its hard to follow along a pattern you don’t understand, having a video to see just how the stitch is made is like having your own crochet instructor in your home.

So tell me where do you go to find your best tutorials on Youtube?

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