3 Reasons Yarn Sucks as Workout Gear

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I’ve been having a lot of ideas lately involving my yarn collection. My latest one came when I was woke up in the middle of the night, groggy of course. It went a little something like this

*hey why don’t I make a crochet workout gear line!* (head returns to pillow)

When I woke up and re-analyzed my idea, I immediately realized the many ways that this may not actually work.

1) Most yarn is made of acrylic fibers and wool

Acrylic and wool yarn are not very breathable material, and would most certainly not be a great material to work up a sweat in. Acrylic yarn is most notable for it’s softness and comfort, it would definitely be great for a sweater, but it would definitely suck for a pair of running shorts.

2) Acrylic yarn is not very stretchy

While working out you want a bit of room in your clothing to move and stretch. Acrylic yarn isn’t stiff, but it most certainly doesn’t stretch like spandex. Don’t get me wrong Acrylic yarn definitely can hold it’s form, but when it comes to running, squats, jumps, etc, you most certainly do not want to wear workout shorts made with acrylic yarn, (can you say major wedgie?)

3) Acrylic yarn isn’t very absorbent

Working up a sweat is what you do when working out right? Well workout clothes are supposed to absorb your perspiration and keep you cool. That is exactly the opposite of what acrylic yarn does. Acrylic yarn does not absorb water very well, it’s actually resistant to perspiration  and loses about 20% of its strength when wet!

So, say bye to the work out shorts line. But if you want some comfy mock Nike Shorts to kick it in, then click the link to be amazed! 


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