Top 5 Quick, Cute, Easy, and Free Crochet Patterns for Any Sick Day

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Sick Days Suck! You feel awful, you can’t breathe, your head feels huge, and you have no energy to move from your bed. All you want to do is Netflix and crochet. But what are you going to make? Being sick and working a delicate lace pattern, is definitely too much wear and tear on your already fragile state. So, we at Pixistics compiled our Top 5 Quick, Cute, Easy, and Free Crochet Patterns for Any Sick Day!


  1. Crochet Eskimo Boots

These Crochet Eskimo Boots define the words Sick Day. If your feet aren’t nice and toasty when you’re at your worst, then you’re not happy! Why not snuggle up and give your feet a hug with these very warm and cozy Crochet Boot patterns.


Crochet Eskimo Boots Pattern

Crochet Ugg Boots Pattern


Crochet Boots Free Pattern




 2.  Crochet Soccasins

Every sick diva needs two pairs of warm booties right? Thus different from the Eskimo Boots, Socasins are a shorter version of the favored pattern.


Crochet Soccasins Pattern 

Adult Crochet Chunky Slippers Pattern


Crochet Soccasins Free Pattern



 3. Crochet Arm Knit Blanket

Doesn’t this just look like nap time comfort? And all you need to craft it is an arm and some extra extra thick/gigantic yarn! It only takes 45 minutes until it’s done! That’s just enough time for the Nyquil to kick in and for you to cuddle up! Add one of these pillows to the mix and you’ll be in heaven in minutes!


Crochet Arm Knit Blanket Pattern

Crochet Pillow Pattern


Crochet Blanket Patterns




4. Crochet Bee and PuppyCat Coffee Cup Cozy

When you get sick you NEED hot liquids, and what better way to drink hot soup than in style with a cute coffee cup cozy? This cute little cup cozy will keep you in good spirits while sipping any beverage. Isn’t it too cute!


Crochet Bee and PuppyCat Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern

30+ Free Crochet Coffee Cup Cozy Patterns

Crochet Cofee Cup Patterns



5. Crochet Green Goddess Ear Warmer

The last but not least, sick day need is a headband! Don’t have time to do your hair? Me neither so slap on a bun and put on a headband then your set! Of course you can always leave the crochet to me and purchase your own Green Goddess Ear Warmer, or you can check out 7 free patterns of your own to try.


Crochet Green Goddess Ear Warmer

7 Free Designs: DIY Crochet Headbands



Crochet Headband Pattern

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