Top 4 Bohemian Fashion Trends of Spring & Summer 2017

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This year mainstream fashion has taken a delightful turn towards the free, wild, and mystical Bohemian experience. From Fendi to Moschino, fashion shows displayed models adorned in pastel furs, custom pieces, and Bohemian inspired garments. The Pixistics team sifted, sorted, and scoured fashion, to compile our Top 4 Bohemian Fashion Trends of Spring and Summer 2017. Curious to see what made the list? Read on to reveal these awesome finds!


  1. Off the Shoulder Tops

This Spring and Summer you will see the beaches and sidewalks littered with a variety of off the shoulder tops adorned with ruffles, fringe, and a sexy midline crop! That’s so 2016: Cropped Tanks are out of sight in 2017!

Off the Shoulder Tops - Bohemian Fashion



   2.    Denim Embroidery

Denim, Denim, Denim (Pauly D Voice – Jersey Shore| *Denna’s Denim Reference*)

Denim is IN this year, and not just any Denim, Embroidered Denim. This Bohemian fashion inspired trend dates back to the 70’s when denim embroidery was the end all be all. This Spring you will see jeans adorned with floral scenes and the best variety of pins and patches! This flashbacks to when collectables were all the rage in fashion. That’s so 2016: High Waisted Shorts are cut from the picture, without a wave goodbye.


    3.   Ruffles and Fringe

What is better than a ruffles and fringe combo? That’s kind of like combining cake and ice cream, things can only get better! And we are definitely loving this trend in 2017, taking a mainstream page out of the boho book with a rustic yet soft and flowy vibe. This Summer will be all about movement and color, and how your garments flow with the grace of your steps. Pairing ruffles and fringe from the most severe to the most subtle will definitely be a great choice. That’s so 2016: Bell Sleeves/ Peplum Sleeves. Bell sleeves have been ditched in 2016, to make way for loser fitting ruffles and fringe.
Ruffles and Fringe



    4.  Floral Prints

Just like being bathed in diamonds, being bathed in floral is probably one of the most girlish feelings! Just like the previous 3 Spring/Summer 2017 trends, floral prints are a staple. Various stages of bloom and all varieties of flowers are welcome to show a fresh and springy start to the year. Floral accessories are a great addition to a look, you can try a floral phone case, laptop bag, or a beautiful custom headband. That’s so 2016: Solid Colors. Solid colors are left back in 2016, having not as much appeal with an already fantastic trend line up in 2017. Vacation, fruits, and floral prints give colorful pops that 2017 Summer calls for.
Floral Prints


Bohemian Fashion Trends 2017