Some times patterns don’t turn out as planned! (but we make it our own)

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I have had a lot of happy mistakes, especially when recreating patterns made by individuals who didn’t specify accurately enough. These mistakes have caused me a lot of heck, and put my shorts in a bunch, especially when I get … Continued

Yarns I Use to Make My Knits (part 1)

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So you wanna make crochet clothing huh? Well you better act right and get some nice and soft yarn! Even if it is just a scarf, or some slippers, or a head band, you need to make sure it is … Continued

What is the deal with Mohair yarn? (and who cares right!?)

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So it has just been recently that I have heard all this fuss over Mohair Yarn (sounds fancy right?). “I only buy products made of Moooohaaaiiiirrrrr yarn.”, “Scoff, what is that? Soft secret? No no that won’t do, we need … Continued

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