Pixistics loves our customers and wants them to feel great in the products they order and receive. We here at Pixistics are willing to work with our customers to provide them the best experience possible.


Returns will be offered to buyers in the case that their item is the incorrect product, size (not custom orders), and or  incorrect color than the buyer initially ordered. Returns will not be made for buyers who order custom sizes over the standard Large.


Pixistics is a one man band, so every piece is hand made by owner. With that being said a small stock will be available in stores and will follow the standard 3 – 5 day shipping practice. However, once the premade stock runs dry we will switch to extended shipping which will send out 6 – 8 days (which just means Pixistics is making it hot and fresh for you baby!) Shipping rates will increase if you buy more pieces, so keep that in mind and please be kind. World Wide shipping is totally obvious, and shipping rates will increase dependent on your local.


If you have any questions, concerns, or modifications please feel free to use the form below to contact me.