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Luna never runs from danger as Sailor Moon’s trusty side kick. Tap into your spirit animal and find your inner Luna. Fight evil by moon light and win love in the daylight with this stylish and unique cropped top. Will you be able to find your tuxedo mask?

US Size
XS: Chest 31″ – 33″| AA – A
S :  Chest 33″ – 34″| A – B
M:  Chest 35″ – 38″| B – C
L :  Chest 38″ – 40″| C – D
**This top is see through**

HAND WASH ONLY! For best results hand wash in cold water and squeeze excess water after rinsing. Lay flat on a dry towel to air dry.
Your order will be ready to ship within 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS after the payment is received.
Instagram: @pixistics

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Lg, Small & Md