Part 1: Do’s and Don’ts when selling and giving away your products

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DO reach out to photographers and Fashion Bloggers in your areaYou can use your social media sites to create a buzz about your products and when that happens reach out to photographers and Fashion Bloggers who’s buzz is bigger than yours! You might be able to send them products and have them promote on your behalf to their followers.

DON’T keep sending products to photographers and Fashion Bloggers who don’t hold up their endSome times people just like free stuff! So they will continue to tell you that something doesn’t fit or they haven’t gotten around to using it, and request new and more items. DO NOT SEND THEM! All your doing is giving away money! However much your items are worth your giving away that much money from your own pocket (think of it like that!)

DO hold give aways and send out samples of your product to friends for free promotion: Friends are a great source of free promotion! Since they are friends they will boost up your products and let others know how fantastic they are to other friends, coworkers, and strangers (if you have out going friends who are people magnets) They will be the ones who hand out your business cards, help model them in photo shoots, and actually wear/use them out and about. Giveaways are great to show that you are generous and for the people. The best way for someone to want to buy a product is to sample it first and brag/review it afterwards.

DON’T give away products to everyone all the time: Let me say this one more time, your products are MONEY! You wouldn’t give away money  willy nilly, don’t give away your products willy nilly! You need to be smart about what to give away to friends and when! If a friend is having a baby I will give away a newborn set (BUT ONLY 1) because this person definitely knows other people who are having babies. If you have a swim suit line throw one up in a giveaway (BUT ONLY SPARINGLY). If people get accustomed to free products, they will wait around for FREE PRODUCTS, there is no point in buying anymore.

There is so much to learn when starting a business and learning the ins and outs of things is tough. But it is a long and hard process, most of it comes with experience and corrections to mistakes.

Do you have any experience to offer me? What do you wish someone would have told you about your business ventures?

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