5 Curly Hair Tips for Overnight Camping

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As a curly hair girl, I never thought overnight camping was going to happen, especially after I deep conditioned and had my curls fleekin fabulous. But it did! It happened and my curls were still rockin and flowing from tent … Continued

Top 4 Bohemian Fashion Trends of Spring & Summer 2017

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This year mainstream fashion has taken a delightful turn towards the free, wild, and mystical Bohemian experience. From Fendi to Moschino, fashion shows displayed models adorned in pastel furs, custom pieces, and Bohemian inspired garments. The Pixistics team sifted, sorted, … Continued

Youtube Crochet Favorites (Cause everyone learns on Youtube!)

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Everyone has their story about how they learned to crochet/knit, for me: I first learned to crochet granny squares from my Granny at the age of 9. Which soon turned into learning to cluster stitch, then make shell stitches, then … Continued

Part 1: Do’s and Don’ts when selling and giving away your products

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DO reach out to photographers and Fashion Bloggers in your area: You can use your social media sites to create a buzz about your products and when that happens reach out to photographers and Fashion Bloggers who’s buzz is bigger than … Continued

Some times patterns don’t turn out as planned! (but we make it our own)

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I have had a lot of happy mistakes, especially when recreating patterns made by individuals who didn’t specify accurately enough. These mistakes have caused me a lot of heck, and put my shorts in a bunch, especially when I get … Continued

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