Bra Care 101 – A Quick Guide To Bras

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Hi there ladies, this is a part one post of many my gorgeous mom is doing to help teach us all about the proper care of our undergarments. So Read on to learn more about Proper Care for Bras and drop a comment to my mom if you enjoyed her post! Also Stay tuned for more post from momma Mimsy.


Hey ladies and our girly-girls! Yes, I’m referring to those our breasts, and the bras that we buy for the support of our assets! We spend a lot of money on underwear; especially our bras. Sometimes paying as much as $60.00 or more, at expensive intimate apparel shops, that even have entire T.V. specials, dedicated to rolling-out the new trends in women’s underwear.

According to the Daily Mail, a recent study showed that the average woman spends $4,000 on bras in her lifetime, and owns about 16 at any given time! I just did a quick inventory of my own lingerie drawer, and it turns out I own 14–although I actually only wear about *five* of them (my consistent obsession—Victoria Secret OMG! LOVE LOVE NEED NEED!!). The study also indicated, that in addition to owning 16 bras at any one time; we add to our collection by purchasing 4 additional ones a year! The study also showed while we have enough to go at least two weeks without laundering them, on average we only wash our bras every two months:

“Women wear a bra around seven times in two months before washing it, ignoring common stains such as perfume, body lotion, fake tan and sweat.”


Although I’m personally really good about keeping my gorgeous, colorful, and pricy investments, in worthy condition, I can say I was blown away to read this. How often do you wash your bra? (Do we even know the proper or should I say best way to launder our bras? Especially those beloved push-up, underwire ones? – hmmm that’s another blog)

Bra Care 101


Well ladies, do you find the results of this study to be true to how you manage your own bras? How many do you have? How many of them do you actually wear? And, do your bras have a hard time finding their way to the laundry? Share!