5 Ways to Spot Bad Knit and Crochet Tops Online!

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You’re online shopping for the hottest Spring break outfit and you’re looking for those super trendy boho crochet tops you see on Instagram and Pinterest. Only problem is you already know about the Romwe’s of the world and can’t be bothered buying  a top that won’t come as described. If you’re anything like me, you’re not a fan of cheaply made items that seem to take months and months to ship! So what do you do? Go to the mall and leave the comfort of your pj’s and your steamy cup of Columbian on the counter? No, you read these tips over the 5 Ways to Spot Bad Knit and Crochet Tops Online, before you make another purchase!


  1. Mega Retailers means Mega Cheaply made Crochet Tops
    • Not to hate on our favorite online stores that constantly dish out the cheap sales, but when it comes to knit and crochet tops cost is a definite factor in quality. Pricing is a major factor in the quality and materials used in the item, that’s why we pay top dollar for Louis Vuitton! Since you can’t feel items through a computer screen (yet) make sure you consider the quality and the source of your item. Consider the real cost of skipping quality over monetary value. You may find that more often than not all the crochet tops you buy from mega stores will snag, rip, or unravel in the first 3 to 5 wears!

  2. The Size Surprise; I’m channeling Romwe
    • Sizing is the hardest part of online shopping especially  when it comes to women’s crochet tops. Most of the time our girls can be a little picky about what they want to fit in! I remember when I bought a dress in my size (conversions quadruple checked and all), and once it arrived I couldn’t even put it on! When I finally squeezed myself in, I had to rip it off! That’s exactly why it’s very important to recognize sizing instructions for major retailers. Remember that your breast cup size is a factor as well as your waist measurement. If your shop doesn’t offer examples of how they measure your cup size as a factor, save yourself the trouble of the purchase. (**Remember this is advice for Knit and Crochet Tops. Breast size is a major factor!)

  3. Are they using Sustainable Materials?
    • Do you know what yarn or threads your knit tops are made of? If not that can be a problem. Many major online retailers are not always concerned about the materials used, unless they are cheap. Using cheap threads and yarns make the wearable item more apt to falling apart, snagging, or unraveling. It’s also important to know what type of yarn is used, is it 100% acrylic, Cotton, Polyester blend, or Wool? Begging the questions of can I wear this in water, will it shrink, is it washer safe? Not to mention, am I allergic to this material?The list goes on!

  4. Knit/Crochet Care Instructions – Do you know them?
    • Knit and Crochet items require different care than your jeans or cotton shirts. It can become so easy to just wear an item and toss it into the washing machine without taking time to read the proper care instructions. The fastest way to ruin a Crochet top is throwing it in the washing machine on heavy and then blasting it with heat in the dryer. If a retailer doesn’t provide care instructions, they must not care about their product… just saying. As the customer shopping online you can not see or feel the product, and you can’t afford to guestamate on the materials used and the care it needs.

  5. You’ve got to be Shipping me!
    • The last and most important way to realize bad knit or crocheted items is where they are shipping from! Or where they are being created. Are your items coming from cheap labor in Malaysia or are your items coming from a boho queen in California? Which option would you feel more comfortable with? What kinds of pesticides, chemicals, debris, etc does the shop in Malaysia contain that could be on your clothing? How long are your items going to take to get to you? Considering the location of your online items are important, as shipping costs can add up! Do you really want to be disappointed by a cheaply made top that took a month to ship? I would be!

When it comes to choosing a piece that you want to make happy memories with for a long sustainable future, choose a brand that does just that! With these tips you can be reassured that you will be making the best decisions in where to get your knit or crochet crop tops this year. Don’t forget to check out Pixistics on etsy for sustainable Boho and Festival styled Crochet and Knit Crop Tops.