5 Curly Hair Tips for Overnight Camping

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As a curly hair girl, I never thought overnight camping was going to happen, especially after I deep conditioned and had my curls fleekin fabulous. But it did! It happened and my curls were still rockin and flowing from tent to fire to sweat and heat. So if you’re a curly hair diva and you need some Curly Hair tips before your big camping trip look no further, and read on.

1. Pack Your Portables

  • If you forget anything on your camping trip, you better hope you forget the food and not your Curly Hair essential hair portables! Don’t worry, the Curly Hair essentials are just what you use every day in a travel size package, or shoot keep them full sized whatever works for you, but just make sure you have them. What I like to take is my spritz bottle with my custom mix (custom mix will be in future blog), my favorite conditioner, my hair wrap, and a ton of headbands and hair ties. I do not brush my hair when I camp or finger detangle, I will go into more of this in the next couple points.

2. Don’t Forget to Wrap It Up!!

  • This is probably the MOST IMPORTANT point if your want your curls to last while you’re camping. Under no circumstance should you EVER sleep without your hair wrapped. That’s like committing hair-icide, one mistake like that and you’re done son. Always pineapple your hair and wrap it up before you lay down and go to sleep. What I like to do is twist my hair into a bun (no hair tie base) and secure it to my head with a hair tie, I do not wrap the hair tie I just put it on to leave the hair and the curls loose, it also alleviates all the weight of the hair on my head and helps prevent headaches.


3. Spritz, Squeeze, and Shake

  • After your fantastic night of sleeping on that great open ground, you are going to want to take off your hair wrap. Probably not the first thing you’re thinking about when you wake up. My first thought was Yay we didn’t get any spiders in the tent! When I take off my wrap I undo my loose bun and I shake my hair out upside down. While my hair is upside down I begin to spray it with my magic moisture, just enough to get it damp. Not soaking wet, but damp. Next I get my conditioner, I loooove Miss. Jessie’s Multicultural Girls Custard, however I opted for Dove’s moisture control. This is because Miss Jessie’s not cheap and the Dove wasl. I take quarter sized amounts rub them into my hand and section bits of my hair, still upside down, and coat each piece and scrunch it up. Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t a normal routine so the pieces of hair I get will generally be 4 sections in total. This step is just to replenish the moisture lost in my hair from the campfire, sun, and heat.  After I scrunch my hair I flip it over right side up, and spritz my hair one more time and scrunch and shake it out a bit! Like I said, I do not combo or finger detangle my hair, this is because I do not want to pull out the curl pattern in such a humid and hot environment. That will in the end ruin my curls and cause my hair to frizz and stretch out.

Curly Hair Tips 2


4. Hair Ties and Head Bands

  • When you are in the woods as a curly hair girl, camping or just for the day, the biggest mistake is to leave your hair down. Unless being a hot sweaty poodle is your thing, you are going to need to bring tons, no hundreds of hair ties and a good loose but not too loose headband. When you’re in between the trees, the fire is blazing the sun is high in the sky, you are going to have a lot of heat and humidity around you. I like to put my curls in a very loose bun on the top of my head. I like to make sure the bun very loose because you lose a lot of water very quickly throughout the day. You don’t want your hair to be the reason you have massive migraine in the middle of the woods when it could have been avoided.

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5. Rehydrate Your Body, Rehydrate Your Hair

  • This is the most vital curly hair tips step if you plan on having a good time the whole day through! For me personally, my curly hair is very heavy. I have very thick 3b hair that is waist length. It will give me a headache in an instant if I’m not taking care of my brain and body. That’s right, your body and your brain need plenty of water to be in top running function. When you get dehydrated your brain and body are going into freak out mode grasping and clinging to any liquids that they may get. That’s why you get major migraines when you become dehydrated. When I camp I make sure to drink plenty of water every couple minutes. I know that sounds excessive but, as much as I move around, walk, stoke the fire, I’m losing more and more water with all that sweat. I also like to re-spritz my hair once or twice during the day to add moisture back into my curls and to let my hair breath after being up for so long.

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There you have it! If you are planning your next camping trip and you follow these Curly Hair tips, I assure you that your hair will be thanking you from roots to tip!



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