3 Ways To Store Your Knit and Crochet Tops

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We need to talk, it’s apparent to me that you have been storing your knit and crochet tops like you store all your other clothes. Today we are going to have an intervention and break that habit. It’s not okay that you throw your knits in the drawers with your jeans and your Pink. We need to stop this madness with a 3 step plan. I know it’s scary but I will be here to guide you through step by step.

1. Store Your Knit/Crochet Tops Separately

  • When it comes to storing your knit and crochet tops it is very important to place them with like items. Don’t group your knits and sweaters with zippers, spikes, pearls, belts, or any other objects that could snare and snag the stitching in your knits.

2. Hangers for Sweaters, Folding for Crops

  • Hangers aren’t great for everything, especially knit and crochet crop tops. With most knit and crochet crop tops there are adjustable neck straps which tie to secure. It is not advisable to tie the neck straps of your top and then hang them on a hanger, as this will pull the thread and stretch out the straps due to the heavy bottom piece.  So you should always keep your heavier knit and crochet tops like sweaters, dresses, and vests on hangers, while you keep your knit and crochet crops folded and stored in a bag, a cubby, or a drawer.

3. The Taco Fold Technique

  • It can be difficult to fold your knit and crochet tops with all the adjustable straps and the difficult shape, but it’s okay because Pixistics has come up with the best way to fold your knits; the Taco fold. First you lay your tops face down and fold all the adjustable straps inward onto the top. Next you take one side of your top and begin to roll it towards the other side keeping all the straps inside the roll. When you get near the other end of the top start rolling that side inward to keep the last adjustable straps inside the roll. Then place it in a cubby or drawer, or your Pixistics bag for safe keeping!


taco fold tutorial

Taco Fold Tutorial 2

Taco Fold Tutorial 3


Now, I believe that you can follow this plan and stick to the steps. You’re going to want to deviate from the plan with the need to just simply put your knits away, but you have to hold strong and follow through. I know that one day you’ll look back and be glad that we had this little intervention.