3 Patterns I am DYING to crochet!

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Working my new day job has me at a loss for time to spend on crochet. But that doesn’t mean I don’t eat, sleep, and think crochet when I’m off the clock! (and even when I’m on haha) I have been making so many things advertised in my shop as of lately, I haven’t been able to test out new patterns that I have spent so long admiring!

1)  Crochet Boat Slippers

Crochet Boat Slippers

These are the cutest things I have seen yet! I love Spares, so what is better than that? Ugh Spare slippers! I would love to wear Spares everyday all day, so Spare slippers would be even better! I would definitely need to make them adult size (which would be an easy tweak) and I would definitely make mine in Mint!! This is a pattern I will definitely try as soon as possible!

2) Adventure Time Hats!

Adventure Time Hats

What is better than watching the show? Wearing the character hats!! I have been obsessed with Adventure Time since it aired on Cartoon network! (which was after Chowder, which was after FlapJack, Do you see a theme here?) I love Finn and I love Jake, and I love Marcilene! I would definitely tot this hat around, even in the summer to show love for such a lovable show! (and to show the kid in me!)

3) Mad Cat Coffee Cozy

Mad Cat Coffee Cozy

I have posted this cozy before in my Sick Day Crochet Favorites post. I am obsessed with this cozy! Not only does it remind me of my forever pissed off cat Moke, it is entirely useful, and so darn cute! I drink coffee everyday, just like people curse like sailors. I will need this everyday and I will use it everyday, you better believe that! Even if my coffee mug isn’t hot, I’m still going to use it! (sigh I need to make this asap!)

Tell me what have you been wanting to do but can’t find the time to?

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